Steam, and secondary SSD’s.

So today Ark: Survival Evolved corrupted my steam install (I really do not know how, pesky thing), and let me tell you, it was so painful to repair.

So, as opposed to other typical blog posts, I wanted to vent to the community that reads this blog. You’re probably just going to laugh at me more than anything.

Step 1: Make a current backup (if operational)

In the event I was going to destroy my install, I made a backup of the directory – easy enough:

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$ sudo mv /home/user/nanky/.steam/Steam /opt/steambk/

Then, I went ahead and checked the directory:

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$ ls /opt

Which would return the following value:

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$ ls /opt

Cool. The easy part was done. It was at this point, I thought this was going to be a simple fix. The plethora of issues I faced henceforth was not what I had anticipated.

Step 2: Obtaining correct disk informaiton

Reading up, I was advised that to rectify the issue of not being able to launch games that “are already installed” is to simply redirect the default install location – this suited me, as I needed to migrate my disks anyway – not that it really does cleanup “X’ directory if it was corrupt, but am I really that picky?

So, first I went and edit my fresh disk:

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$ sudo gparted && disown

Go ahead and made myself a nice little ext4 partition. Now, I wanted to make a symbolic link for a pointer. How else? Probably the silly way.

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$ sudo fdisk -l

Then marrying this data against:

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$ sudo blkid

Which then gave me the information I required for my partition:

dev/sdc1: UUID="cdbe4cfe-40ac-4301-9888-132288baef08" TYPE="ext4" PARTLABEL="steamgames" PARTUUID="943cd8eb-cf4b-48ef-9b49-9cba86628e14"

Once I had the UUID and name confirmation, it was time.

Step 3: Editing /etc/fstab

I then jump into my fstab:

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$nano /etc/fstab

Entering the correct information (is it, though?) to make a symbolic link:

#My Steam Library link 
UUID=7d94586e-af4c-4b51-9cc5-335761fa08e1       /media/nanky/steamgames ext4 defaults 0 0

Excellent, now in steam I could point the /media/steamgames to be a folder path to install the game!

Note: This was the “solution” from several blogs I had read (and was what I was anticipating to do) before I began.

"Folder cannot be empty"

On a Windows box, the error translates to “SteamLibrary cannot be on root directory”. Helpful, but only because I have steam on a Windows Box. Let’s just launch Dolphin and make a folder.

Ooops. I sudo’d gparted. Permissions? Root. I could alias every terminal at execution to implement su – as the first command, or I could fix the issue.

First I check if I had enabled another account as root:

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$grep root /etc/group

Nope. Oh well. Sudo.

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$ll /media/nanky

There was my partition:

drwxrwxrwx   5 root users 4096 Jul  1 23:14 cdbe4cfe-40ac-4301-9888-132288baef08/

(It is “users” as I have already rectified).

We then change the user group to the partition for the rights. I implemented “users” but something such as “adm” would have been sufficient:

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$ sudo chgrp users /media/nanky/cdbe4cfe-40ac-4301-9888-132288baef08

Then we go ahead and change the modification permissions:

nanky@nanky-local-gaming:~$ sudo chmod g+w/media/nanky/cdbe4cfe-40ac-4301-9888-132288baef08

Could have 666 -R but you know, I like to support some form of security.

Now I, and steam, can write to the symbolic link. I have successfully bypassed the error indicating the game was still installed, and add more games such as Arma3 to my PC.

Step 4: Ignore that, it’s easier

Then, to my sincere happiness, after hours of reading and testing (oh, the blogs) I notice something.

I never expanded the “/media/nanky/” tree and found the UUID’s for the partitions:


Hey there’s my symbolic link!

Whilst I can say none of the blogs and questions on forums identified this as a solution, I should have noticed this before. It’s obvious. Sigh. Hours later, and the solution was 1 folder tree above what I was trying to fix.

That’s the end of the rant. I am not sure what annoyed me more, my stupidity or the fact it’s 01:37am in the morning and I am only just launching Ark.

Come join in on th fun!

Want more content? Let me know!


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