Michael Nancarrow

A lot of people have asked for an “about me” section of the blog (and I think it’s rather trivial), so here you go!

You can find me in a plethora of places, whether Google Plus or Stack Exchange, Steam or LinkedIn, I plague the internet(s) in both a positive and negative environment.

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Further breakdown of my personally identifiable information (…why I did not want an “about me”):

 Name: Michael Nancarrow
 Age: 21 Years old as of: 17/06/2017
 Gender: Male
 Nick Name: Danky Nanky, or just Nanky
 Occupation: Information Services

Of course, I am a fan of technology (my partner uses a Macbook and iPhone though, so it’s not a perfect world). For my device(s) I have:

Main Rig

 Intel i7 4790k OC’d.
 NVidia 1070 Founders Edition
 Intel 520 120GB SSD (x5)
 Gigabyte Z97X Gaming-7 Mobo
 64GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 3300Ghz (OC)
 Corsair 750W 80+ Gold Semi-Modular
 Corsair 780T Black
 Corsair 22′ Fan (x6)
 Corsair H110i Water Cooling
 Corsair Void Wireless
 Corsair K95
 Corsair Scimtar
 Corsaor XL Wide Gaming Mat
 BenQ 27′ 4k 1MS GTG Monitor
 AKRacer (Red)

New additions:

 Blue Yeti Desktop Mic w/ Audio Technica MX40
 Orcino 2 Bay NAS with 2x 3TB Barracuda in RAID
 LG 2560×1080 21:9 Screen

Second PC:

 Lenovo Chromebook
 HP Inkjet 3632
 LG 2560×1080 21:9 Screen

Currently use a Samsung S7 Edge (Rose Gold) and find it to be a fantastic phone.

Apart from work, I have a son. Jaxon Alexander Nancarrow. He’s a pretty chill little man.

So yeah, about me. Come play some PUBG with the boys.