Amazon WorkSpace, and Fedora

Low and behold, I thought there would be a native rpm file for Amazon WorkSpace. Seems like they catered for everyone else:

Default Download Screen for Amazon Work Spaces

But, if we further look into the default installation options, we see the following commands:

Of course, apt-key is not valid (assuming because we use dnf on Fedora). Now we could play around with it (and please, don’t install apt) or we could just be lazy about it.

I was lazy. Very lazy – but, this shouldn’t be a shock. So, in place of getting a better understanding of packages, handlers and OS requirements, I reverted to a tool I have used in the past – Alien. From here, I simply downloaded the deb file offered on their website, and ran the following:

Converted the .deb to rpm with the following command:

sudo alien --to-rpm workspacesclient_amd64.deb

Then, I installed it:

rpm -ivh workspacesclient-

What if there are errors? I don’t know. That’s what Stack Overflow is for.

Now I have a fully functional Amazon WorkSpace Application on Fedora – so yay, me.