Active Directory

In my line of work, there is always room for growth, improvement and refinements (arguably an “improvement”). Whilst almost deprecated, there are plethora of companies out there using On-Premise Active Directory for their users and computers as opposed to a SSO option like Azure AD; my company being one of them.

Active Directory is not necessarily a “broken” product, more an archaic product that requires maintenance; if you’re running a local exchange instance, chances are you are heavily reliant on Active Directory (henceforth referenced as “AD” for short).

In my effort(s) to improve the existing AD configuration, I will cover off my thoughts and approach to managing a functional and effective AD.

To best get an understanding of how Active Directory can be implemented, there are a few basic topics one must understand:

  1. Organisational Units;
  2. Group Policy Objects;
  3. How to tie GPOs to OUs and Objects;

Then there are “the improvements”, which can be summarized as:

  1. Enabling RSAT and Importing AD Modules;
  2. Generating Predefined Scripts for User Access and Controls and;
  3. Creating Defined Policies for Accounts.


This project is more of a learning process for myself, understanding how implementing an automated process to an existing process/environment can be adopted, and the pros/cons of my approach.

This space will not be heavily documented, so do not expect large essays on modules, how to perform functions or any of that type of work.


As always, correct me if wrong.