Requesting IT Services

Looking for assistance? Some cheap IT request? Then potentially you’ve come to the right place!

I am happy to help assist in an array of tasks. Work performed so far include:

  • Educating user for VLookups, IF, IFNA, IFERROR, SUM and conditional formatting;
  • Updating and maintaining drivers;
  • Updating Anti-Virus, removal and educating user;
  • Application troubleshooting;
  • System optimization and;
  • System stability and backups.

The method to supply the work will vary:

  • TeamViewer and/or TightVNC for remote work;
  • Physical delivery and pickup of item if within location as well.

Forms of payment unfortunately are limited. I would recommend you perform a task via AirTasker, as they will “secure” your payment until work delivered, else:

  • Bank Transfer;
  • G2A Cash or;
  • Other services (Graphical design for example).

Use the below form to request work performed on your PC: