This blog, and what it does.

People have asked some questions pertaining to the topic of this post. I thought I’d answer the top asked ones:

Question: Why have you started to post less?

I started this blog as a way for me to post relevant stuff for my life. It’s not about making money, becoming popular or even showcasing anything; in short, it’s a hobby.

I have a full time job, family and other more important hobbies (eating, gaming etc.) that take precedence over this blog. The blog’s not going anywhere, and I post when I find a reason too.

TL;DR – not enough time in the day (or direct reward) to be a constant poster of a 1 man army.

Question: Your posts are becoming smaller, more direct and less “helpful”.

Ouch. This blog was never meant to be the “answer” to something. Someone, somewhere, has answered what you’re after and put effort into documenting it. If I post about a topic, I’ll link to a web URL that has gone into detail about set topic.

There is no point adding garbage to a topic that’s already been discussed; I give you the literal steps required to do X function, and the rest is up to you. This isn’t free IT consulting. Feel free to ask questions and I will answer them as quickly as possible, but if you truly need a service provided, then it’s IT support 😉

Question: Can we request content?

Yes. If I know the answer to your questions/relevant to me, I’ll post about it.

So far (to date) the only person who has asked has had their post detailed here.