Michael Nancarrow’s Personal Blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This blog should have no advertisements, redirects (on load) or other annoying pop-ups.

This blog serves as 2 purposes:

  1. It’s a digital resume for myself; I have links to my personal services, and all posts (currently) are representations of my opinions and;
  2. To answer questions or cover topics I am interested in, to the public, sometimes as requested.

To clarify, this blog can be rather sporadic with it’s content (both in quality and type). It’s just a hobby that I enjoy to do in my spare time.

I am always open to other people who wish to request content, or preferably, create content on this blog. The range of content on this blog varies, so you’ll need to use the side-menu for navigation.

If you are new to this blog, there are a few things I would suggest you do to start with navigating this blog:

  1. Visit the About Me page;
  2. Look at the Windows Category;
  3. Follow the blog;

All in all, just have a read, follow the blog, share it with friends or ask me questions; it’s like Tumblr, except, without the tumblr part.

GLHF, and always remember to sudo before you rm -rf everything.